Detective Charles Douglas “Doug” Jacobs III

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Detective Charles Douglas “Doug” Jacobs III

Riverside Police Department Riverside Police Detective Doug Jacobs was slain on January 13, 2001 after he and fellow officer, Ben Baker responded to a report of loud music at 3140 Lemon Street. The initial call was broadcast to Officer Baker. Detective Jacobs responded to assist.

Officer Baker walked up to the house and saw a man in the downstairs apartment through a closed screen door. Baker asked him who was playing the music. That man, later identified as Steve Woodruff, told Officer Baker that his mother was playing the radio upstairs.

Officer Baker walked upstairs and saw a small radio on the second floor landing. He turned the music down and a woman, later identified as Polly Carr, shouted at Baker to get off her property. Officer Baker tried to explain to her why he was there, but Carr continued to yell.

The neighbor who had originally called the police, came to the upstairs landing, wanting to speak with Carr to solve the problem. However, Claude Carr, Polly Carr’s son, yelled from inside their apartment to “leave my momma alone.” Moments later, Woodruff appeared at the bottom of the stairs and also yelled at Officer Baker to leave Carr alone. At this point, Officer Baker realized he was outnumbered and called for backup. The neighbor left.

Detective Jacobs arrived a short time later and joined Officer Baker on the landing. Baker stepped forward and took hold of Carr’s wrists to arrest her for disturbing the peace. Claude Carr stepped out of the apartment, onto the landing, and attempted to intervene in the arrest of his mother. Detective Jacobs took hold of Claude Carr’s arm to place him under arrest for interference in a police investigation. Officer Baker released his hold on Polly Carr and took Claude Carr’s right arm to help Detective Jacobs.

Officer Baker was about to place handcuff’s on Claude Carr’s wrists when he heard a gunshot. He dropped the handcuffs, grabbed his gun, and saw Steve Woodruff at the bottom of the stairs, aiming a handgun at him. Officer Baker returned fire as he saw Detective Jacobs laying on the landing floor. Detective Jacobs had been struck in the head by the gunshot. Officer Baker radioed for help and dragged Detective Jacobs inside the apartment where he tried to administer medical aid.

Assisting units were immediately summoned to the scene. Woodruff fled back into his downstairs apartment. Arriving officers surrounded the apartment building and demanded that Woodruff come out of the apartment. Woodruff threw a rifle out of the front of the apartment, but refused to come out. A few minutes later, Woodruff stepped out of the apartment, having removed all of his clothing. Naked, Woodruff was taken into custody without further resistance. Detective Jacobs was transported to Riverside Community Hospital, where he later died as the result of his injuries. No one else was injured.

Neighbors watched from across the street, as Jacobs was carried away by paramedics who arrived within two minutes of the officer-needs-assistance radio broadcast.

Officers from Moreno Valley, Riverside Community College, University of California, Riverside, and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department responded to the area to assist.

Jacobs, a five year veteran of the Riverside Police Department, left behind a wife, stepson and daughter.

Doug Jacobs was a lifelong resident of Riverside. In his youth, he attended St. Thomas Elementary School, Chemawa Middle School, and Arlington High School. He later attended Riverside Community College, the University of La Verne, and most recently, was enrolled in a Master of Arts program at Chapman University.

Doug’s interest in law enforcement was sparked by his grandfather, who is a retired Riverside County Deputy Sheriff. Doug began as a Riverside County Sheriff’s Explorer, where he attained the rank of Post Captain. In 1988, he was certified as Reserve Officer for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). He remained there until being hired as a Deputy Sheriff by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office (LASO) in 1990. Doug distinguished himself early on as a Deputy by graduating number one in his academy class. He then served in a variety of assignments, until leaving LASO in 1995 to work for the Riverside Police Department (RPD).

After becoming a Riverside Officer, Doug was recognized for his outstanding effort and achievement. In 1998, he was honored as the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce “Officer of the Quarter.”

Doug was promoted to the rank of Detective in March of 2000, and was awaiting reassignment from a field position to Investigations.