Happiness Is In The Lord

Written by Ken. Posted in Devotions

Happiness Is In The Lord

He who heeds the word wisely will find good, and whoever trusts in the Lord, happy is he”
-Proverbs 16:20-

I hope that you and your family had a safe and Merry Christmas.

In just a few days the calendar will once again change to a brand new year. We will be leaving the year 2005 and entering 2006. People all around the world are planning their New Year’s Eve parties. Family, friends and business associates will come together, uncork their champagne, offer a toast, and at the stroke of midnight, wish each other a Happy New Year! They excitedly look forward to a new year, hoping many of their dreams will come true, in order that they might experience happiness.

What is happiness? Happiness has been defined as; a state of well-being, satisfaction and contentment. For different people, it takes different things to make them happy. For some people it might take finances. For others, it takes a certain hobby, a new computer, new car, new home, or new job. Still for others, it takes a new relationship.

There’s no question that these things can make a person happy. However, the reality is this: none of these things can keep us happy. After a while, these things begin to wear out and get old, and then it’s time to find something better and newer that will make us happy.

Perhaps for many of you, the year 2005 has been a very good year. You’ve received a promotion, a pay raise, a new home, or have gotten married. Perhaps you were finally able to take that vacation you’ve always wanted. Right now, you’re happy, and that’s wonderful, and I’m happy for you. But, what if these things had not occurred? What if you had not received that promotion, or pay raise, or new home? What if you had not gotten married, or were able to take that vacation? Would you still be happy, or would you be disappointed, discontented, dissatisfied—unhappy!

Here’s my point: If you’re looking for true happiness; a happiness that will never leave you; a happiness that will never disappoint you; a happiness that is not dependent on happenings; a happiness that will stay with you for all eternity, the Bible tells us how.

“Happy are the people whose God is the Lord”
-Psalm 144:15-

I pray that 2006 will be the Happiest Year of your life, at home and at work, as you enter in to a deeper relationship with the God who loves you.

Happy New Year,

Chaplain Steve