He is Risen

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He is Risen

“He is not here; for HE IS RISEN”
-Matthew 28:6-

Someone once said, “Life is a bad joke, that isn’t even funny, and the only way you get out of it is by dying.” What a sad commentary on life’s existence, and yet there are many people who hold to that belief. The Bible says there is more to life than death; there is life beyond this life. I believe the most encouraging words ever written or spoken are given to us by an angel, “He is risen.” Otherwise, there would be no hope at the moment of death.

The weekend of the Christ’s death, burial and resurrection reveal to us the three most important days in all of history; Dark Friday, Dreary Saturday, and Decisive Sunday. If not for these three days, the world would continue to be in a state of hopelessness.

That Friday afternoon when Jesus died was a very dark time in history, as the darkness of man’s sin showed itself in the worst way, as God’s creation crucified their Creator. Yet, in the eyes of God, it was a very Good Friday, for He knew that His Son was reconciling the world back to God as He freely laid down His life (John 3:17, 10:17-18). It wasn’t nails holding Jesus to the cross; it was l-o-v-e (Romans 5:8).

As the Dark Friday cries of the people, “Crucify Him!” came to an end. Dreary Saturday was on the horizon. Though it arrived quietly, I am certain it had to have been a day filled with emotions of every kind. Many of Jesus’ followers were in mourning. His mother, Mary, was in great grief. Some of the disciples began to wonder if Christ was truly the Messiah, as their faith began to turn to fear. The Roman soldiers involved with His death might have been eating and drinking, in order to erase the memory of Friday from their minds. I can only wonder what the priest had to have thought when they entered the Temple and discovered the veil ripped down the middle. Perhaps they tried to offer their own Passover lamb on the altar, all the while knowing, but denying, that the true Lamb of God was lying in a borrowed tomb, sealed with a stone and being guarded by soldiers they had placed there.

Saturday was a day of hopelessness for many people. Their hope of life beyond the grave was dead, and buried in a tomb. Would things remain hopeless, or would hope come alive. In just a few hours Dreary Saturday would soon turn to Decisive Sunday. For many people, Sunday would be just another day; “business as usual.” For others it would be a day that would change their lives forever; a day of celebration as Christ rose from the grave.

The empty tomb speaks loudly to us today. It says “He is alive!” It says “His promises are true!” It says “His power is intact!” It says “the enemy (death) is defeated!” Death was not able to hold Christ down (Revelations 1:18). The stone and soldiers were unable to hold Christ down. The devil was unable to hold Christ down.

It was a very Dark Friday that the Lord died on. It was a very Dreary Saturday as many people wondered whether or not God was dead. It was a very Decisive Sunday when the grave gave in to the promise of God, as the tomb was found empty. Jesus is alive! Jesus proved once and for all that He is truly the Savior of the world.

“Because I live, you will also live”
-John 14:19-

Have a blessed Resurrection Day,

Chaplain Steve

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