Thank You! Thank You, Very Much!

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Thank You! Thank You, Very Much!

Give thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ”
-Ephesians 5:20-

Elvis Presley, the king of Rock and Roll would often say to his audience as they applauded his great talent, “Thank ya! Thank ya, very much!” I believe the greatest virtue a person can have, and demonstrate, is that of thankfulness. When somebody does something for us, whether it’s giving us a compliment, holding open a door, or helping us with a situation at work, most of us have no problem saying, “Thank you.” And so we should. But . . . is that all there is to thankfulness?

In just a few days people all across America will be celebrating what has come to be known as—Thanksgiving Day, a day to give thanks. But . . . what are we thankful for? Are we to be thankful for our possessions, for our jobs, for our health; or are we to look past these things to something of far greater value?

Sadly, many people today look at Thanksgiving Day as nothing more than a . . . . . . .

day to watch football, drink, eat a big turkey dinner, and settle down for a nap. While these things are not intrinsically bad, they do tend to distract us from the real purpose for this day. Unfortunately, many people today are missing the point of our founding fathers’ thankfulness. You see, our founding fathers’ looked past their circumstances and focused on where their blessing had come from. They focused their thankfulness on their loving and caring Creator, and praised our Benefactor for blessing this great country far and above what we deserve.

Tragically, on Thanksgiving Day the last thing many people think about is that of giving thanks to God. We should never forget the real reason Thanksgiving was set aside; to thank God for all He has done for us, both personally and as a nation. We should never forget that everything we have and everything we are is a gift from Almighty God. Not just on Thanksgiving Day, but every day we should be giving thanks to God.

So how do we, as a people, and, regrettably, as a nation, become unthankful? Ingratitude is a great contributor to this problem. I recently read of a wife, who was standing at the front door of her parent’s house after a Thanksgiving dinner, ready to go home. Her four children stood at her side and her arms were full of coats. Her husband, coming down the stairs, asked why she was standing there. Handing him the coats, she replied, “This time, you put the children’s coats on and I’ll go honk the horn.” Taking people for granted, taking God for granted, can cause our hearts to turn cold and indifferent. And a cold and indifferent heart is an unthankful heart.

My point is this: We are never to take others for granted. Husbands and wives, always show your spouse how thankful you are for them. Parents, never pass up the opportunity to show your children how thankful you are for them. Children, let your parents know how thankful you are for them. We should always take notice of what others do for us; let them know that their efforts are appreciated and that you are thankful for them. But most importantly, we should always thank God for everything He has done for us.

When you stop and think about it, our whole life is to be one big—Thank You. It should be a living expression of our gratitude to God for His goodness. Sadly, many of us take God for granted; and when we take God for granted, we no longer take Him seriously. Let us diligently search out daily all the things that we should be thankful for, all the things that God continuously provides for us, and never pass up the opportunity to tell Him, “Thank You! Thank You, very much!”

“Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!”
-Psalms 107:1-

May we always have a thankful heart,

Chaplain Steve

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