Vision Statement

Vision Statement

“To promote a more positive and healthier attitude in first responders, in order to enhance their over-all work performance in all areas of their life; to advocate within the church and business community a greater understanding of and the benefits to a chaplain program; to collaborate with our community leaders, in order to make our city a safer and more desirable place to live.”

Living Shield Ministries will provide chaplain services to not only law enforcement officers, firefighters, and their families, but to every sector of society throughout the city of Riverside (government, business, education, media, arts and entertainment, churches and families).

Living Shield Ministries will provide chaplaincy and crisis intervention training to any person of any race, sex, creed, or religion, in order that they might learn the SAFER-R method of providing emotional and spiritual care and support to those who are experiencing crisis in their life.

Living Shield Ministries will ordain men and women as chaplains who are of the Christian faith and who meet the requirements of the ministry.

Living Shield Ministries will work at making the City of Riverside a model city for the rest of the State of California, as well as the nation, to follow in regards to having trained and ordained chaplains.

 Chaplain services can help an individual maintain a healthier and more positive attitude toward their department or business, their family, and their community.  A better attitude means a better overall job performance, less sick time, less grievances, a happier administration, stronger marriages, better family relations, and a better community.

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